Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Cowboy Corner

Or should I say Cowboy and Indian corner?
Yes, I have a saddle in my living room. It was my husbands grandfathers saddle the was made especially for him. I've even used this saddle to ride my own horse.

I had some old Jim Stuckenberg prints that my mother in law had given us and finally framed them.
The peace pipe my brother Bill had made for me years ago and the cute little dream catcher was made by my oldest daughter years ago. Added a couple of my husbands old hats, a gold mining pan and our huge collection of "special" rocks and I am really liking this space.
The "Little Chief" figurine was my mothers and the pocket knife my fathers.
The painting behind the little Indian is a thrift store find and the photo is myself and my husband from 20 years ago. (I worked at an old time photo studio and made him take a photo haha!)
<3 data-blogger-escaped-br=""> I added a few branches behind everything too.
If I had more room in this corner, I'd probably put one of my guitars there!

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