Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This was fun!
I've been wanting to add more to Jessica's room, especially to the empty wall behind the vanity.
I have seen many photos on Pinterest of butterflies seemingly flying up the wall and thought it'd be perfect!
I'm on a very tight budget so there is no way I can pay $20 for a dozen of these made by someone else so...once again I saved a box ( Sprite 24 pack) and cut it open to use the cardboard.
I drew a few butterflies and cut them out to use as a template and just traced around them so all the butterflies were similar.
After cutting them all out (I got 26 out of one box!) I took them to the garage and spray painted them black.
Let them dry, flipped them over and painted the other side. Let them dry once again and brought them in to stick on the wall.
I folded the wings up to add dimension and stuck them randomly on the wall with tape. (thinking that double sided tape might stick better to her textured wall!) I'll probably save another box to add about 15 more for the effect I want. She loves it!

I also added a branch/stick I have painted black and put nails in to hang her necklaces and such on. Still need to add about 15 more butterflies!

I wasn't liking the bulletin board under the branch, so we decided to hang some small picture frames with pink ribbon ;)